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The Infinite Arts


Infinite Chi Kung

Chi Cultivation for Internal Strengthening, Health & Vitality

Infinite Chi Kung is a system of Chinese holistic exercises and energy work that improve your physical health and increases your ability to experience more positive emotions.                          

When individuals practise infinite Chi Kung regularly, their physical bodies, mind sets and emotions become much more balanced. With practise your vibration rises and you may also get in touch with an energy field we call chi. Chi is a key component, optimised during Chi Kung by breathing in a very smooth, deep and internalised way, thus making you more whole and strong. Through infinite Chi Kung you connect with the power of the natural elements, and this power can sustain you through life’s ups and downs. It also balances the energy in the different sides of our being. When we perform certain infinite Chi Kung sequences, warm ups and other exercises, we are aiming to connect the right and left sides of our brains energetically. If our left and right sides are not balanced, we can feel awkward and unbalanced in life itself. Chi cultivation, increases energy flow to transform blockages and create inner strength and harmony. The mind becomes calm, clear and more focused.  With inner harmony comes external harmony.

Infinite Tai Chi


Meditation in Motion


Infinite Tai Chi does not just teach physical movement. It teaches about life itself. Described as ‘meditation’ in motion. It is the art of moving the body as a whole. Graceful & powerful as every movement holds and moves chi. A supportive component to any form of exercise. Some may practise primarily for health reasons.

When practised in combination with other martial arts, it facilitates a deeper understanding & knowledge of power, force and energy flow. It supports any disciplined practise and soon becomes way of life.

As you deepen into the practice, the form becomes movements of grace, the mind quiet and a peaceful and radiant presence emanates.

With Infinite Tai Chi practise you become aware of an energy field that surrounds everything, including you. Gradually connecting with this energy field you begin to heal yourself on many levels. The Chi presence transforms your physical being, mental and emotional outlook on life. Your body will become stronger, emotions calm and centered, the mind focused and clear.

Infinite Tai Chi has been designed to balance your whole being, therefore, an antidote to the challenges and stress life can wield. Optimum health and vitality restored. In bringing yourself back into natural harmony,you become radiant and vibrant.

Infinite Tai Chi is…..

“A wholesome discipline for perfect harmony in life, wherein lies all our joy, happiness, health, abundance, compassion and love.”   Jason Chan

Infinite Meditation

Mastering the Mind & allowing the Soul to Lead

Meditation assists a truly happy life because it enables you to change the negative programmes, hidden deep within your own mind and body. Genuine meditation is for your soul. Meditation can be to relax or tune out of the challenges of this world for a while and sometimes this is required, however, genuine meditation is designed to liberate your core being. In raising your consciousness soon you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are a soul rather than a personality self.

Infinite meditation cultivates radiant inner chi, expanding our inner light until it is so bright that we can utilise it to cut through all our inner darkness, including our deepest fears and doubts. Therefore, in the long run, practising Infinite meditation will assist you to rise above all of this fear and darkness, until you are dwelling more or less constantly in nothing but love and light.

With infinite meditation, gentle focus of the mind on the beauty of nature and the power within, creates peace in mind and heart. After cultivating radiant chi for some time you should find that as you sit in infinite meditation your mind becomes calm and alert simultaneously. This can take a lot of patience and diligent energy work, but finally you become fully alive in meditation, finding therein ultimate solutions for personal problems and creating a beautiful life.

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