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Weathering Heights

Reflecting as we near the end of what has been a surreal year.

A year ago, adapting to teaching on-screen felt to be a tall feat. Fingers crossed students would adapt and our school would survive. Human nature does not particularly like change. We are by nature creatures of habit; our tendency is towards staying in our ‘comfort zones’. If we move out of them, we usually require some kind of anchor, a stabilising factor. Everybody’s lives underwent a quick turnaround. A myriad of circumstances being experienced by all.

How were we going to continue training? Thankfully Zoom answered many prayers. Although it was not an answer for all students, it definitely created the opportunity.

There were many barriers to training, from dislike of being on screen to WiFi issues, lack of room and simply logistics. A show of resilience, resourcefulness, and willingness to ‘give it a go’ was wonderful to see. Finding our feet with new timetables and zoom codes was embraced.

Breathing space came with the loosening of restrictions, allowing for outdoor training and saw the return of the non-zoom students. Seeing everyone face to face coexisted with a real appreciation. Being back inside was worth the distancing measures and temperature checks. The routine worked and even though, no contact, the camaraderie and interaction lifted spirits.

The black belt grading was finally scheduled having been delayed yet just in time! The numbers meant we were sent back indoors to the on-screen training.

All along there have been students that have continued to train. For some training is their anchor, a saving grace. Regardless of the limitations of on-screen and non-contact, socially distanced training, students have progressed and achieved a few grading's over this period.

Saturday saw our 4th lock-down grading, 3 of which we have manged to hold outside. The weather has blessed us along the way and not many outdoor sessions had to be cancelled and this was no exception. However, extremely chilly!

So much acknowledgement for the different situation’s students/parents/carers are navigating. Seeing the dedication of the students that have managed to access training and advance is great. Next, the move back into halls will hopefully see the return of those who have not been able to train for whatever reason.

It has been a long tunnel and now there is light at the end.

Onward and Upwards as training experiences a phased return to all aspects of training that is our passion and the ‘art’ of Taekwon-do’.

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