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Miss Emelia May

                                  Instructor and founder of 'Wharfedale School of  Martial Arts'

Taekwon-Do, Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung & Meditation Teacher & Complimentary Therapist.


22 years experience in the field of Health & Wellness,working as a Complimentary Therapist & the past 10 years spent training & teaching Martial Arts.

Beginning as an Energy worker & Massage therapist, with the intention to ease pain and discomfort in the physical body and to understand the pathways to health on all levels an interest in complimentary medicine grew.  In studying various disciplines, the common denominator to increasing well-being appeared to be in viewing how the energy systems are working and to assist strengthening any weakness’ so they work as a whole.

In observing how Taekwon-Do training, provides a unique ability as a martial art to promote health through increased confidence, strength, skill and focus, a profound and deep passion grew. To further increase knowledge, the understanding and skill set already gained I studied under Master Jason Chan and became a teacher of the Infinite Arts: Tai Chi, Chi Kung & Meditation.

 Martial Arts acknowledge the powerful role of the mind, and idea of the 'self' in order to break through limitations and fulfill true potentials.                                           

The years spent studying these chosen fields have created a unique skill set and many understandings to share.


  • ITF style - 3rd Degree Black Belt

  • WT- Level II British Taekwondo Coach

  • Infinite Tai Chi & Chi Kung Teacher 

  • Infinite Meditation & Guided Visualisation Teacher 

  • Energy worker ~ balancing the systems of the body & mind      (Reiki Master, Advanced Colour Therapist, Aromatherapy, Massage Therapist)

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